Artist Statement

Hi I’m Nate Weldon-

If you’re interested in hearing my music you can do so @

I’m the owner operator of de Diego Arts mosaics. With every mosaic I create, I challenge myself to break into new territory, ranging from contemporary concepts to inspirations from the old world. I believe in making innovative, classy art that truly reflects how I feel about my chosen subject.

Mosaic is a meditative process. What’s so exciting about being a mosaic artist is being able to use materials from all over the world and often times up-cycled. Being a world traveller this is important for me. Along with stained glass, many various semi-precious stones and gems I’ve worked with- exotic marbles, travertines, granites, quartzites, moonstone, petrified wood, turquoise, crystals, and even a few fossils.

Born and raised in the gold country of the Sierra Nevada, California foothills, I have a keen love for nature and a strong passion for beauty. I’m inspired by natures wonders, to the various colors of cultures of our world and our human story, history, mystery, and mysticism.

I’m also a big dreamer of the future and the potentials of a clean planet and becoming a sustainable civilization moves me in big ways.

Thanks for your interest. I love talking mosaics, feel free to reach out and strike up a conversation~

“I have had my mosaic tables for 10 years or more now and they are both in as beautiful condition as they were the first day I got them. No cracks, no fades, no deterioration whatsoever. The quality is incredible! ” -Jeff Busley