Tropical Hawaiian Palms and Coconut Mosaic Patio Table Set

Hawaiian tropical Palms Coconut mosaic by Nate deDiego 48″ and 24″diameter

My good friend and client Jeff wanted his existing patio set to be mosaic rather than glass and requested it be tropical! This was a really fun process as I imagined how to approach and was pleased to find a creamy white marble that resembled coconut meat and a lava tone marble that I could make palm trees out of. Jeff is surely a man of the world and as fans of Hawaii, we looked to Hawaii for the motif and I created my own design. Jeff is a well cultured conoisseur and happens to be amongst the kindest hearted people I’ve encountered in my life and has supported me in a few of my pursuits. Definitely one of my favorite projects!

“I have had my mosaic tables for 10 years or more now and they are both in as beautiful condition as they were the first day I got them. No cracks, no fades, no deterioration whatsoever. The quality is incredible! ” -Jeff Busley