Dragonfly Patio Tables

These were really fun mosaics in several regards. Dragonflys “Odonata” have always fascinated me. They have remarkable sight with loads of lenses. and decadent colors as you know. My sister Rebecca commissioned them; now has three mosaics I’ve made. I have been able to revisit one of my favorite pieces of music I’ve made simultaneous too, so that has some new flavors. The bases I up-cycled and the tops are porcelain with a border of Jade stones surrounding them.

Waves of Nature

This mosaic was purchased by a local Sacramento designer Marty Elliott Twitchell for one of her clients. She was inspired enough with mosaics to travel to Italy and take some classes, pretty cool!

Firenze Mosaic


Fire is such an interesting element as each of them are, to say the least! I like the fiery lava tone stones and the grapevines backlit by gold and their alchemical dance. 50″x 50″. This piece can either serve as an inlay or a mighty table. Available now for $1500. Inquire for cost of shipping. Thanks!